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Welcome to Pretoria Pet Hospital!

Pretoria Pet Hospital was opened in 1999 by Dr. Kia Nielsen and Dr. Lynn Morgan. They aspired to providing personal service with a high standard of medicine. Dr. Tracey Young joined the Pretoria team in 2002; In September 2012, we welcomed Dr. Michael Mossop on a full time basis, and most recently, Drs. Natalie Fortier and Amy Brown have joined our team.

Pretoria Pet Hospital offers medical and preventive care for your pet, including laboratory and x-ray services. We also have a surgical suite and dental suite that allows us to carry out most surgical and dental procedures right here on our premises.

At Pretoria Pet Hospital, we practice team medicine. Each of our veterinarians is paired with a veterinary technician. Our goal with this approach is to provide better, more personal, more consistent health care for your pet. If you have a specific question or concern regarding your pet, many times the technician will be able to get back to you with a response before your veterinarian is able to return your call. They will also have a direct link to speak to the veterinarian at times where they may be unavailable to you (i.e. they are in surgery). In most cases, the technician will have the knowledge to answer your questions directly, making a return call from the veterinarian unnecessary. We hope that this approach will allow you to get to know our technicians better and provide a face to the person you may be speaking with. Our team medicine approach allows your concerns to be dealt with in a faster manner and improves the overall medical care your pet receives.